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Tips To Get Pass Marks In English Paper-2 For 10th Class Students

Tips To Get Pass Marks In English Paper-2 For 10th Class Students
10 తరగతి విద్యార్థులు ఇంగ్లీష్ పేపర్-2 లో పాస్ మార్కులు పొందడం ఎలా

English Paper-2
- Reading Comprehension: In this section, three Unseen passages are given from various themes. The students need to read the passage carefully to answer the given multiple choice and very short answer questions.

Tips to score good marks:
- Read English newspapers, stories etc..
- Develop the habit of skimming and scanning.
- Generally capital A, B, C and D are used with the options. The students must write their option using capital letters only. (Or as it is given in the question)

- Factual, Reflective, Inferential and Analytical questions are included. So, while answering them the student must ensure that the answers are error free and they have contextual relevance and well-formed sentences.
- The answers should be written in 1-2 sentences for very short answer type questions.

- Grammar and Vocabulary: In this section, the questions test the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. Four Text independent passages are given.
- In the first passage, the students are asked to write as directed. The questions include the following topics:
- Speech
- Voice
- Synthesis
- Degrees of comparison
- Question tags
- If clause
- Simple, compound, complex sentences,
- In the second passage, the students need to complete the passage choosing the right word from the given option. The questions include the structural words like Pronouns, Conjunctions and Prepositions, auxiliary verbs. Four questions are asked and each question carries a half mark.
- In the third passage, you need to choose the correct word from given two options. The question in this part are generally:
- Nouns, Adjectives, Conjunctions, Adverbs, Verbs, phrasal verbs, homonyms, homophones, relative pronouns.
- In the fourth passage, you need to choose the appropriate form of the word given in the brackets.
- The questions in this part are generally: Nouns, Adjectives, Conjunctions, Adverbs, Verbs,
- Practicing more and more questions similar to these topics is very essential to get good score in this area.

- Creative Writing: In this section, two questions are asked. You need to write one major discourse and one minor discourse.
- There is an internal choice in the 33 question i.e., writing a major discourse. The following discourses are asked in this paper:
Biography; Essay; Report/news report; Letter and Speech (script)
- (Read the indicators and tips given in the major discourses of Paper -1)
- You need to write a minor discourse in the 34th question. The minor discourses include:
Poster; Invitation and
- For these minor discourses, 1 mark is awarded for correct Layout/ design/ illustrations.
- The remaining 4 marks are awarded for Contextual relevance, error free sentences, punctuation, spelling and convincing language.

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