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Some Important One Mark Questions For 10Th Class Students in Biological Science

1. What is mean by excretion?
2. How do you think bacteria dividing to form curd?
3. What are the uses of platelets?
4. Most leaves have the upper surface more green and shiny than the lower ones. Why?
5. Do you think it is necessary to have a lot of lighting for decoration during celebration?
6. What is Heredity?
7. Why does the rate of breathing increases while walking uphill at a normal pace in the mountains? Give two reasons.
8. Is there any permanent solution for kidney failure person?
9. What is synapse?
10. Which blood vessel carries blood for oxidation?
11. What is the role of acid in stomach?
12. Rearrange the food chain given below.
Rabbit Grass Eagle Snake
13. Name the three end products of photosynthesis.
14. What happens if diaphram is not there in the body?
15. When the fetus is growing inside the uterus it needs nutrients. What provides these nutrients?
16. What will happen if cell sap of root hair cells contains high concentration of ions?
17. What is the full name of ICRISAT?
18. What is parthenogenesis?
19. What do you mean by hunger pangs?
20. What happened if adrenaline more released in blood?
21. Define the Photosynthesis with equation.
22. Name the structures which are present in veins and lymph ducts and absent in arteries.
23. What happens if diaphragm is not there in the body?
24. Think why the diameter of the efferent arteriole is less than that of afferent arteriole?
25. How do you describe absorption when we are talking about human alimentary system?
26. Can you define single circulation and double circulation in simple form?
27. Meera was separating biodegradable and non biodegradable wastes in her home. Can you give examples and define them?
28. Write the equation of photosynthesis?
29. What is energy currency?
30. What happened if pseudopodia absent in Amoeba?
31. What is the role of KOH in the experiment of CO2 essential for photosynthesis?
32. Describe the excretion.
33. Describe the uses of thrambocytes.
34. If we keep on increasing CO2 concentration in the air what will be the rate of photosynthesis?
35. Raju said "stems also respire along with leaves in plants". Can you support this statement? Give your reasons.
36. Do plants having reddish or yellowish leaves also carry out photosynthesis?
37. There are valves between the arteries and veins. Do you think the benefit of these valves and the valves present in veins is same? Give your reason.
38. What happens if both kidneys fail completely?
39. You may have seen tendrils of plants growing towards a support, why do you think this happens? Would you say it is responding to a stimulus?
40. Suggest two measures to recycle water in your locality or colony.
41. Try to name some parts where parts where you think photosynthesis occur.
42. How would you appreciate the alveoli?
43. What are the three main types of blood vessels in the body?
44. How are waste products excreted in Amoeba?
45. Plants respond to stimulus. Give one example.
46. What are Heterotrophs? How do they obtain food?
47. How does the excess presence of greenhouse gases harm the atmosphere?
48. Why does the amount of nitrogen not vary between exhaled and inhaled air?
49. Which hormone is responsible for hunger pangs in stomach?
50. What is bio accumulation?
51. In the experiment to prove that starch is produced during photosynthesis, why do we boil the leaf in alcohol?
52. What happens if some materials are above normal limits in the blood and urine?
53. What are the accessory glands present in male reproductive system?
54. What is sustainable development?
55. Do plants having new reddish leaves also carry out photosynthesis? Then what is the role of the red colour of the leaves?
56. We are aware of the fact that water vapour deposits on a glass pane if we breathe out on it. Where does this water vapour come from exhaled air?
57. Why we compare arteries to a tree which divides into smaller and smaller branches.
58. Which substances get filtered in the Glomerulus?
59. Everything we eat comes from plants why don't the plants get used up? What are they using to grow and produce more plants, more seeds?
60. Why alveolus is so small and uncountable in number?
61. Why we compare arteries is rather like tree which divides into smaller and smaller branches
62. Why is it better to call the dark phase of photosynthesis as a light independent phase?
63. Give an example to show how hormones can influence visible changes in your body.
64. What is the job of the amniotic sac?
65. What are the characters, Mendel selected for his experiments on Pea plant?
66. Name the three end products of photosynthesis.
67. What is the role of acid in stomach?
68. What is vomiting?
69. Why does the rate of breathing increase while walking uphill at a normal pace in the mountains? Give two reasons.
70. What is the role of diaphragm in respiration?
71. What happens when a beaker prepares dough by mixing yeast in it?
72. What is pathway taken by air in the respiratory system?
73. Describe the uses of thrombocytes?
74. Why are the artery walls very strong and elastic?
75. Why the edema came in legs?
76. Think why the diameter of the efferent arteriole is less than that of afferent arteriole.
77. Why do some children pass urine during sleep at night until 15 or 78 years of age?
79. What is podocytes?
80. What is neuron?
81. What happens of more adrenaline release in the blood?
82. What is reflex arc?
83. Which virus is caused to AIDS?
84. What are the layers covered to the embryo?
85. What is DNA?
86. Which part is called as second brain in human beings?
87. Describe the digestive juices helps indigestion.
88. What are variations?
89. What is allele?
90. Why human being is said to be a moving museum of vestigial organs?
91. What happens of we remove decomposers from food web?
92. What is tropic level?
93. What is bioaccumulation?
94. Define ICRISAT. Where is it located?
95. What is sustainable development?

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