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Some Important One Mark Questions For 10Th Class Students in Physical Science

 1. What is nature and type of image is obtained on retina in human eye?
2. Which of the block in a periodic table have non - metals, metals and metalloids?
3. Draw a ray diagram shows a point sized image with convex lens.
4. Draw the figure of BeCl2 molecule which has linear structure and identify the bond angle
5. What are the Alloys used as heating element in electrical iron box, toasters?
6. If the focal length of a concave mirror is 12 cm, what is its radius of curvature?
7. What happens when current carrying coil is placed in a uniform magnetic field?
8. If l = 3, what are the ml-values
9. Draw a figure to show the behavior of a parallel beam of rays fall on a concave lens making some angle with principal axis.
10. Draw the atomic structure of BF3 and indicate its bond angle?
11. Write the uses of Ethyl alcohol.
12. Why the soil of agricultural lands gets tested for pH?
13. How do you explain the role of oxygen in combustion process?
14. Write any two questions about the 'formation of mirages'.
15. What physical quantity can be found in an experiment done with prism?
16. What happens when a current carrying wire is placed in a magnetic field?
17. Two students while walking on the road in the afternoon found image of water on the road. When they went near nothing was found. Guess what could be the reason for this?
18. Roasting and Calcinations are the methods to extract crude metals from ores. What is the difference between Roasting and Calcinations?
19. Why is it difficult to shoot a fish swimming in water?
20. On which principle a generator works?
21. What are the uses of fullerenes?
22. Explain the reason of introducing spin quantum number.
23. Draw the diagram showing the magnetic field lines of a bar magnet.
24. Why is the second ionization energy is more than the first ionization energy for any element?
25. Why dough rises, swells, when it is treated with yeast?
26. Among objects made of glass and diamond, which one shines more why?
27. What is the use of magnetic field lines?
28. Which electronic shell is at a higher energy level K or L?
29. How do you appreciate the role of ethanol as a fuel in our daily life?
30. How much volume can occupy by 1 gm. of Hydrogen at S.T.P.?
31. Which Quantum number can explain the space orientation of the orbital?
32. What happens to the image distance in the eye when we increase the distance of an object from the eye?
33. The element having atomic number 21, belongs to which group and which period in a periodic table. Imagine.
34. Draw the structure of NH3 molecule.
35. Due to the scattering of which molecules present in atmosphere are responsible for appear sky in blue colour?
36. Which mirror is used as a rear-view mirror in the vehicles?
37. On adding dilute Hydrochloric acid to copper oxide powder, the solution formed is blue green. Write the new compound formed.
38. Why do we call alkanes as paraffins?
39. Why we use goggles inside the water to see the objects clearly?
40. Which rule is violated in the electronic configuration of 1s0 2s2 2p4.
41. Why does the picture in a television appear distorted when a bar magnet is brought near the screen of the television?
42. Name the simplest Ketone and write its molecular formula.
43. Which will have similar magnetic lines of force as bar magnet?
44. What is the functional group present in CH3COOH ? How do you test that group?
45. The focal length of a convex mirror is 13 cm. What is its radius of curvature?
46. Write an equation which shows the reduction of metallic oxides with Carbon.
47. Which hydrocarbons among alkanes, alkenes and alkynes participate in addition reactions?
48. What colors do you observe when Strontium chloride and Cupric chloride are put to Flame test?
49. Draw the structure of H2O molecule
50. Mention two uses of Solenoid.
51. "Whenever there is a continuous change of magnetic flux linked with a closed coil, a current is generated in the coil". Name the law related to this.
52. The distance between vertex and radius of curvature is 30 cm. The focal length of mirror is how much?
53. Write electronic configuration of following elements.
a) Boron  b) Chlorine
54. In the modern periodic table, which are the metals among the first ten elements?
55. Arrange Zn, Ag, K, Fe, Na, Ca in descending order of their reactivity series.
56. Which is a good motor fuel?
57. Li, Na, K are Dobereiner's triad. The atomic weight of Li is 7 and that K is 39, and then find the atomic weight of Na.
58. What is the nature of the image formed on the retina?
59. The potential difference of across a bulb is 240 V and a current of 5 A flows through it. Find the resistance of the bulb.
60. Which instrument is used to measure electric current?
61. What are the modifications that are to be made to change AC generator as DC generator?
62. On what basis did Mandeleev arrange the elements in his periodic table?
63. What do we call the compounds formed by C, H, X?
64. What is the change you observe in litmus paper with base?
65. Which hydrocarbons burn with bright blue flame and used as fuels?
66. Draw the diagram of a lens which will be recommended by an eye doctor for a long sighted patient.
67. If the radius of curvature of a spherical mirror is 28 cm. What is its focal length?
68. The power of lens is +1.5 D. What kind of lens it is?
69. What is the change you observe in litmus paper with acid?
70. Which mirror has wider field of view?
71. What happens when ciliary muscles become weak gradually?
72. If the radius of curvature of a spherical mirror is 30 cm. What is its focal length?
73. What precautions must be taken while conducting the experiment angle of vision of eye?
74. List out the apparatus required to find the refractive index of a prism experimentally.
75. Why do we use the tooth paste with basic nature?
76. What is the use of keeping food in air tight containers?
77. Which colors do you observe when an iron rod is gradually heated to higher temperatures?
78. What type of reaction takes place in stomach when an antacid tablet is consumed?
79. Can you take a photo of a mirage?
80. Draw the electron dot structure of ethane.
81. Classify the following as acid, base and salt
a) NH4OH b) NaCl c) H2SO4
82. The electronic configuration of an element is 1s22s1. Then what are the four quantum numbers for the outermost electron
83. A bulb is marked 80 Wand 120 V. Find the resistance of the bulb.
84. A prism with an angle A = 60°produces an angle of minimum deviation 30°.Find the refractive index of the material of the prism.
85. Which principle is used in the laws of reflection?
86. What is the reason for using Tungsten as a filament in an electric bulb?
87. Explain briefly the reason for the blue of the sea water.
88. Immerse a lens in beaker contained water to see the stone through the lens then what do you noticed in this experiment?
89. List out the material required for the formation of Rainbow in a class room.
90. Why baking Soda used in the making of Cake?
91. Write Loop law. On which principle is this law based?
92. How could we use the principle of electromagnetic induction in the case of using ATM card when its magnetic strip is swiped through a scanner?
93. Which reaction is useful in joining railings of railway tracks or cracked machine parts?
94. Srikanth is suffering from acidity. What remedy do you suggest?
95. Write the apparatus that is required to prove Oersted experiment.
96. Why does the sky sometimes appear white?
97. What happens when a small piece of Sodium is dropped into ethanol?
98. When is the angle of incidence equal to angle of refraction?
99. Why do we add impurities to electrolyte during electrolytic extraction of metals?
100. What is value of 1 KWH in Joules?
101. Name the acid present in vinegar.
102. Based on the following electronic configuration choose the atom that forms an ion. Give reasons
Electronic Configuration of A: 1s2 2s2 2p6
Electronic Configuration of B: 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s1
103. On which principle a generator works?

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