Monday, 6 November 2017

National Achievement Survey - 2017 Instructions

👉 NAS Instructions

👉 Rc.No. 193, dated: 02 -11-2017*
👉 Conduct of National Achievement Survey (NAS) 2017 for classes Ill to V and VIII - Certain instructions - Issued - Reg.*

👉 Following persons can be appointed as Field Investigators*
a. *DIET Students*
b. *Students of Govt. B.Ed. college*
c. *Private School Teachers
d. *College Lecturers*
e. *Any Other Pre-service teacher education students*
f. *Students of undergraduate/ post graduate courses of Govt. Colleges.*

👉 Following persons cannot be appointed as Field Investigators*
a. *Elementary School teachers from Govt. sector Schools*
b. *Elementary School teachers from Govt. Aided Schools (Salaried by Govt.)*
c. *Govt. sector Secondary School Teachers d. SSA teachers in Govt. Elementary schools*

👉 *As already instructed, the School Level Observer drafted from other than Education department shall be nominated for each School.*

👉 *Receive Packet - 1, Packet - 2 and Packet-3 from Field Investigators immediately after completion of NAS 2017. The details of Packet-1, Packet-2 and Packet-3 are given below.*

👉 *To receive the Packet -1, Packet - 2 and Packet-3 from field investigators use the Proforma I to IV annexed here with and print them in required number and supply to sample schools.*

👉 *Submit all the Packet-1 and Packet-2 of your district to Dr. M. Vivekan Reddy and A. Ravinder at the O/o Director, Government Examinations immediately after completion of the Assessment Test along with the given formats.* {Proforma V to IX}

👉 *All Packet-3s are to be kept in safe custody at district level.*

👉 *Attend the scanning process in the 0/o DGE, Hyderabad along with district MIS coordinators (Four) and ensure the scanning and data uploading in to the website, as per the schedule which will be communicated latter.*

👉 *Submit the undertaking regarding maintaining the confidentiality to the State Level Coordinator• Monitoring (SPD, SSA, TS) in the format given (Proforma- X /XI)*

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