Friday, 27 October 2017

NCERT NAS-2017 Teacher Questionnaire

(Teacher Questionnaire to be filled in by Field Investigator only in an interview mode)

UDISE School Code:
Teacher Code:
Sampled Class:
Sampled Section:

1. Darken the appropriate bubble in the OMR provided with this questionnaire for each question.

2. Use the School UDISE Code mentioned on front page of Field Notes and Teacher Code as below: Teacher teaching Language as a Subject to sampled Students: 01 Teacher teaching Mathematics to sampled Students: 02 Teacher teaching EVS/Science as a Subject to sampled Students: 03 Teacher teaching Social Science as a Subject to sampled Students: 04 Teacher teaching more than one subjects to sampled Students: 05

3. All entries are mandatory and should be in English language only. Write all codes in international numerals, i.e., 1, 2, 3...

4. This questionnaire is for the purpose of collecting information about the teacher background.

5. It has no bearing on individual teacher.

6. It is to be used for a National Study to know the health of the educational system of the country.

7. A separate teacher questionnaire is to be filled for each subject teacher who is teaching to the sampled students. 

Q1. Which Class (es) do you teach?
1. III
2. V
4. III & V
5. V & VIII

Q2. Subject(s) taught to students:
1. English Language
2. Mathematics
3. EVS (Class III & V)
4. Science
5. Social Science
6. Language other than English
7. More than one subjects

Q3. Gender (mark only one response)
1. Male
2. Female

Q4. Age: (mark only one response)
1. Upto 30 years
2. 31-40 years
3. 41-50 years
4. Above 50 years

Q5. Highest Educational Qualification: (mark only one response)
1. Higher Secondary
2. Graduation
3. Post Graduation
4. M.Phil.
5. Ph.D.

Q6. Professional Qualification: (mark only one response)
1. Primary/Elementary Teachers Training (D.Ed., BTC)
2. Secondary Teacher Training (B.Ed.)
3. M. Ed.
4. No Professional Qualification

Q7. Are you teaching the same subject that you pursed during your highest degree course: (mark only one response)
1. Yes
2. No

Q8. Total teaching experience (in years): (mark only one response)
1. 0 to 5
2. 6-10
3. More than 10

Q9. Employment Status: (mark only one response)
1. Permanent
2. Adhoc
3. Part time/Contractual

Q10. How many In-service Training Programmes attended during past one year? (Mark only one response)
1. 1-2
2. 3-5
3. None

Q11. Is the Learning Outcome document available in your school? (Mark only one response)
1. Yes
2. No

Q12. Do you feel that the learning Outcome document reflects some of your ideas and views? (Mark only one response)
1. Very few
2. Some
3. All

Q13. Have you participated ever in any of the following activities during the last 12 months? (Mark your response as 1-Yes; 2-No)
a. Participation in professional development program conducted by DIETs
b. Individual or collaborative research on a topic of interest
c. Mentoring and/or peer observation and coaching as part of a formal school management in BRCs/CRC
d. Engaging in informal dialogue with your colleagues on how to improve your teaching in collaboration with Block Pedagogy Coordinator
e. Learning Outcome

Q14. Have you interacted with your SMC members in the last six months? (Mark only one response)

Q15. How would you rate the following on a three point scale in your school? (Mark your response as 1-Low; 2-Medium, 3-High)
a. Job satisfaction of teachers
b. Understanding of the school's curricular goals to the teachers
c. Teachers expectations for student achievement
d. Parental support for students' achievement
e. Parental involvement in school activities

Q16. What are the challenge/s in the classroom transactions as perceived by you- (mark your response 1-Yes; 2-No)
a. Large class size
b. Classroom indiscipline
c. Absenteeism of students
d. Infrastructural facilities
e. Work other than teaching

Q17. In your current school, how severe is each problem? (Mark your response as 1- Not a problem; 2- Minor problem; 3- serious problem)
a. Teachers do not have adequate instructional material and supplies
b. Work overload
c. School building needs significant repair
d. Teachers do not have adequate workspace
e. Lack of drinking water
f. Lack of electricity
g. Lack of adequate toilet facilities

Q18. Rate the following tools and techniques being used in assessing students? (Mark your response as 1- Never; 2- For some lessons; 3- Almost every lesson)
a. Oral tests
b. Written tests (Long answer, Short answer)
c. Multiple choice type questions
d. Observation
e. Home assignments
f. Student self assessment
g. Project work
h. Peer assessment
i. Portfolio

Q19. Do you have the resources to implement the following strategies in your classroom? (Mark your response as 1- Not at all; 2- Sometimes; 3- Almost always)
a. Classroom discussion
b. Peer and group learning
c. Role playing/simulation
d. Project work
e. Problem solving
f. Laboratory activities
g. ICT supported activities

Q20. Do you use the following teaching aids? (Mark your response as 1- Regularly; 2- Sometimes; 3- Never; 4- Not available)
a. Teacher's Handbook
b. Educational kits
c. Self prepared TLM
d. TLM from other sources
e. Books other than textbooks

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