Friday, 27 October 2017

NCERT NAS-2017 School Questionnaire

(School Questionnaire to be filled in by Field Investigator only in an interview mode)

UDISE School Code:

1. Darken the appropriate bubble in the OMR provided with this questionnaire for each question.

2. All entries are mandatory and should be in English language only. Write all codes in international numerals, i.e., 1, 2, 3...

3. This questionnaire is for the purpose of collecting information about the school background.

4. It has no bearing on the school.

5. It is to be used for a National Study to know the health of the educational system of the country.

6. Use the UDISE Code mentioned on front page of Field Notes

7. Provide section wise enrollment in OMR sheet.

8. Use separate SQ for classes III, V and VIII

Q1. Are the teachers in school aware about the Learning Outcomes document?
(Mark only one response)
1- Fully aware
2- Partially aware
3- Not aware

Q2. Have the Learning Outcomes been communicated to the students?
(Mark only one response)
1 - Yes
2 – No

Q3. Has the Learning Outcomes been shared in the School Management Committee (SMC) meetings?
(Mark only one response)
1 - Yes
2 – No

Q4a. Is Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) being used by the teachers in your school?
(Mark only one response)
1 - Always
2 - Sometimes
3 - Never

Q4b. Are these activities being done in the classroom?
(Mark only one response)
1 - Creating rubrics with the help of students
2 - Maintaining a portfolio
3 - Self assessment by students
4 - Peer assessment by students

Q5a. Does School have a library?
(Mark only one response)
1 - Yes
2 - No

Q5b. Who uses the library?
(Mark only one response)
1 - Most of the children
2 - Some of the children
3 - Very few

Q6. Does your school organize/ participate in the following activities?
(Mark your response as– 1-Yes; 2-No)
a - Science Exhibition
b - Art Club/ Art Activity
c - Sports Activity
d - Cultural Activity
e - School Fair
f - Literary activities
(Such as School Magazine/ News Papers)

Q7. How much are your school’s activities affected by a shortage or inadequacy of the following?
(Mark your response as– 1-Not at all; 2-some; 3-totally)
a - Instruction materials (e.g. textbooks)
b - Lack of teaching staff
c - Inadequately qualified teaching staff
d - Lack of supporting staff
e - Inadequate or poorly qualified assisting staff
f - Audio - visual resources for delivery of instruction
g - Library resources relevant to subject instruction
h - Student Discipline

Q8. How would you characterize each of the following within your school?
(Mark your response as– 1-High; 2-Medium; 3-Low)
a - Teacher satisfaction
b - Teacher's opportunities for professional development
c - Teachers' expectations of student's achievement
d - Teachers working together to improve student's achievement
e - Parental involvement in school activities
f - Parental support for student’s achievement
g - Student's desire to achieve
h - Student’s absenteeism

Q9a. How frequently did the Department of Education monitor your school in the academic year 2016-17?
(Mark only one response)
1 - Not at all;
2 - Monthly;
3 - Quarterly;
4 - Half yearly;
5 - Yearly

Q9b. Which of the following activities are monitored?
1 - Classroom teaching learning processes;
2 - Infrastructure facilities;
3 - Teachers’ absenteeism;
4 - Students’ absenteeism

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