Monday, 30 October 2017

Mid Day Meals Registers To Be Maintained In Government Schools

*🌹Mid Day Meals Registers:*
(To be maintained in every school)

*🍀Daily Wise Register:*
(To be Update Daily)

👉1) Daily (General) Attendance Register      
     (Caste Wise)

👉2) Daily Rice Taken Meals Register
     (Caste Wise)

👉3) Daily Eggs Taken Register

👉4) Daily Rice Issued (Utilize) Register

*🍀Monthly Registers:*
(To be Updated Once in a Month)

👉5) Rice Orders Register

👉6) Bills Out box Register (Storage)

👉7) Cook Payment Register (Acquaintance)

👉8) Rice Storage Register (Abstract)

👉9) Bill Abstract Register

👉Main Cook, In charge Teacher, HM To be Signed in All Registers

*🍀MDM Quantity🍀*

👉1).           Rice             150 grams (1×0.15)

👉2).           Dal              30 grams (1×0.03)

👉3).          Vegetable    75 grams (1×0.075)

👉4).           Oil                7.5 grams (1×0.0072)

*👉 NOTE: గుడ్డు పెట్టేటప్పుడు మాత్రం 15 గ్రాముల పప్పు...35 గ్రాముల కూరగాయలు...*

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