Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Allowed Books are in Examination Hall to Write Departmental Tests

డిపార్టుమెంటల్  పరీక్షకు హాల్ లోకి అనుమతి నిచ్చే బేర్ Acts పుస్తకాలు
EOT: 141
●Constitution of India
●An Introduction to Indian Govt. Accounts & Audit
●Revised Pension Rules
●Budget Manual
●Financial Code (Volume-1)
●Treasury Code (Volume-1)


GOT: Paper Code - 88
Text Book for Gazetted Officers
A.P.Educational Rules
Right to Education Act & Rules

GOT: Paper Code - 97
A P Educational Service Rules (Incl. APSS Rules, 1996)
Mandal Praja Parishads Act
A P Panchayat Raj Act
C.C.A Rules
S.S.C Scheme

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